Brian is the proprietor of the shop. He had originally served an apprenticeship in traditional barbering at the iconic Waldorf Barbershop in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, which he ended up helping run before moving to Canada. He has worked as a barber in both Europe and North America, and has travelled throughout the United States and to Mexico and Cuba teaching his craft. He has been featured in trade publications, quoted as an expert by reporters, and profiled in the National Post, the New York Times, the Irish Times and other national and international outlets. His true passion is education and passing along the traditions of barbering through the Apprenticeship and Guest Barber programs. In his spare time he likes to watch film noir, read historical fiction and drive his 1940s cars in the summertime. He is also involved in helping to run a disco party in Toronto called Beam Me Up by the Pachouli Brothers.


Shop Manager (Long Branch)

Antony is the Manager at the original Nite Owl in Long Branch. As well as the running of the shop, he also uses his past teaching experience to nurture the newer apprentices and has hosted visiting guest barbers. Before joining the crew, Antony was a long time patron at the shop. In his spare time, he keeps fit, travels, listens to Outlaw Country more than occasionally, and is a pretty mean bowler.


Shop Manager (Brockton)

Jill is the Shop Manager at The Nite Owl Barber Shop. She’s originally from the Prairies, but is very much a Torontonian at heart, and has lived here for over 10 years. In a former life, Jill was an English teacher, a yoga instructor, and a competitive volleyball player. Essential skills, you could argue, which help her hold her own in the barbershop. In addition to running the shop, Jill been involved in teaching barbering, south of the border. When you sit in Jill’s chair, you will know you are in good hands.


Waylon is the longest serving barber at the Nite Owl, as well as acting manager at the Brockton shop. He is very passionate about the craft, the rituals and the tradition, and is a mine of information. If you’ve ever been transfixed by the music that plays at the shop, Waylon is the curator responsible for it. He has a wealth of experience, and has completed six tours as a Guest Barber at Franklin’s Barber Shop, in Philadelphia.


Dan is a Senior Barber at The Nite Owl Barber Shop. He was born in Canada but grew up in Ireland where he first found an interest in traditional barbering and started helping out at a local shop. After he moved back to Toronto, he started and completed an apprenticeship at the Nite Owl under the direction of the Shop Proprietor. He has a great sense of style, the best hair at the shop, and everyone gathers around to admire his scissor work.


Steph is a Senior Barber at the original Nite Owl in Long Branch. Despite her quiet demeanor, Steph is one of the most capable people you could come across. Hailing originally from Guelph, she likes to rock climb and often rock out in the shop! She went to OCAD and has a keen artistic sensibility and appreciation for the historical integrity of the shop.


Jesse is a Senior Barber at the Shop, and is a longtime resident of Long Branch where the original Nite Owl is located. Before working behind the chair, Jesse was probably the most frequent customer of the shop: it was his obsession to keep his iconic hairstyle as high and tight as possible. Jesse has lived, he’s got some crazy stories to tell you. Before becoming a barber he worked in school kitchens but couldn’t stand the heat. He’s a mean skateboarder, and with his signature skateboarding moves you could mistake him for a teenager. Ask him about his collection of deadstock socks (actually!) and beer merchandise.


Roman is a Senior Barber at the Nite Owl in Long Branch. He is something of a prodigy. He first started coming to the Nite Owl when he was 12 years old, and shortly after expressed a desire to become a barber. Despite his young years, he has learnt the skill of the straight razor shave, and is likely the youngest professional barber in the country, after serving a 2 and ½ year apprenticeship. In his spare times he attends a local high school, and is one of the fastest long distance runners in the province.


Devon is a Senior Barber, having learned his craft at the Nite Owl. He is currently splitting his time between both shops, and has picked up a wealth of knowledge from the group. In his spare time, Devon likes to get out of the city and go camping and fishing with his beautiful dog. He’s a handy sort of a fellow, and recently built a stable for a friend’s mom, because that’s the sort of guy he is. Devon is an avid TFC and Manchester United supporter.


Enjoy a visit to the Nite Owl for a haircut, beard trim or hot towel shave with Roby, who is located at the Brockton shop. Roby originally hails from Mexico City, and is a perfect fit for the Shop! He learned his craft at the Nite Owl and served his Apprenticeship here. Before becoming a barber, Roby worked construction, studied and worked in design, and played football. You will feel a warm welcome and that you are in good hands with Roby.

Dylan-Thomas Childs


Dylan is a special advisor to the Nite Owl. You will often find him in his office at the back of the Brockton shop. He is a conduit between the shop and the community. He takes care of a myriad of details in the background, which allows the barbers to focus on doing what they love. In his night life, he is one half of the Patchouli Brothers, Disco DJs who have a hit party called Beam Me Up.

The Nite Owl